Friday, 19 June 2015

My Grandpa

My grandpa has bushy white eye brows. He is in his seventies. His eye are a bright hazel. His hair is thin and short like paper. He has a long nose. 

 He limps around outside with crutches. He normally goes out to big towns like New Plymouth, Hawera and Wellington. 

On a rainy day he stays inside I normally see him outside wondering around his garden. 

He convinces Mum to drink beer and wine. When he sees me he says hello he talks in a deep voice. He normally talks to Mum and Dad. 

He always buys us food. He is alone by himself but he isn't alone when we are there. He's normally inside sitting on his chair. When people see him they help him walk. Everyone he goes past he says "Hello", people say hello back to him.

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