Friday, 31 July 2015

PRIDE Writing - Mana's Adventure

Mana and I were hiking up an mountain SLAM! A log fell onto the ground. We used our perseverance to climb over the log. Mana was getting tired so I used my initiative and carried Mana the rest of the way. When we got to the top of the mountain we set up a camp fire. Mana and I were really hungry. Then we set up the tents. Finally we had dinner. We both agreed on having sausages and for dessert we had toasted marshmallows. We slept on the mountain for three days. In the morning we packed up. Letting our feet take over we ran down the mountain. When we got down we were so puffed that we couldn't walk. So we caught our breath and started to walk home. Home was far away. Later, when we got there, it was dark and quiet. When we were inside we tried to get to sleep but we couldn't. In the end we were making shadow puppets. We both made knights and battled each other's puppets. Mana won! Then I made us some hot chocolate but we still couldn't sleep. When it was the morning Mana said "Let's go on a... " Before Mana could finish his sentence we had both fallen asleep.

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